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3 Months into 2018 and noticed that your cloud cost has gone up!

Posted on 14 March, 2018 at 0:10

How to reduce cloud costs down in 3 simple steps?

What is ParkMyCloud?

The simplicity of the offering drew me to it like a magnet:

A SaaS solution with no installation required - in only 15 minutes you are instantly saving on this month’s actual cloud spend billing cycle

  1. Automate your resource scheduling in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform
  2. Single pane of glass, with extensive built in reporting capability
  3. PAYG monthly subscription - cost less per resource than a cup of coffee.

The solution can be completely demo’d in 15 minutes - all features and functions. Gone are the days of demos for hours, death by powerpoint, and training courses.

The dollar savings speak volumes - right on our homepage of we have a daily updated figure which happens to be over $5 million dollars as of today. We have an extremely exciting 2018 planned, with AWS, Microsoft, and Google events upcoming. Lunch and Learns, speaking at IT forums, and other cloud conferences will also be on the agenda. We already have begun our entrance into the market in China, Malaysia, Singapore, and Japan just to name a few. Though I am based in Singapore, I will be operating in all countries throughout APAC. I look forward to working with you in the upcoming year and beyond!

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