Cloud Fitness Program

Let's shed some light:
Your public cloud resources in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud are “ALWAYS ON” unless you specifically turn them off. 

What this means:
You are paying for computing time you don’t actually use.  Organizations have a lack of visibility into their various resources, and no simple way to govern user access.

How can we help?
Introducing ParkMyCloud: An automated On/Off Switch for Compute Resources where you pay-as-you-go. 
- Easy-to-use SaaS platform that schedules on/off times for idle compute resources. 
- Pay only for the resources you’re actually using. 
- ParkMyCloud can reduce cloud computing costs by 65% or more. 
- Gain visibility of resources across cloud accounts and improve user governance 
- Easily integrates with your DevOps process
- Smart parking recommendations available on AWS, Azure & now on Google Cloud too!

Who have we helped?

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The best solutions are often simple, yet unexpected.
Julian Casablancas